Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Now Carrying Mobil 1 RACING Oil!

Schnell Autosports now carries Mobil 1 Synthetic Racing oil! We're getting a little competitive with not only our prices, but also our range of products! You can't yet find this at Pep Boys, AutoZone, nor Kragen/O'Reilly AutoParts! These oils are made particularly for the track. 
Each quart is only $14.99!

"Mobil 1 Racing oils are designed to maximize performance on the track. Available in a 0W-30 viscosity and a 0W-50 viscosity, these oils are engineered to deliver outstanding power output while providing boosted levels of anti-wear to protect in a wide range of racing engine applications, including highly loaded flat tappet designs."  -Mobil

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