Friday, August 23, 2013

Vent Rock Chip Protector: Prototype Available Only at Schnell!

Boxster and Cayman owners, we have a solution for those darn rocks that chip and scratch the paint around the intake vent!

We're stepping up our game with yet another item (a prototype, in fact!) found exclusively at Schnell Autosports: the Vent Rock Chip Protector. We've contacted 3M to custom-design an adhesive film that shields the car paint surrounding the vents adjacent to each car door. 

Schnell will have these Vent Rock Chip Protectors available for you to buy next week!

(Currently available for only Boxster and Cayman)

More info and updates to come.  

The rough draft.

Configuring precise measurements.


Careful placement.

After smoothing out the bubbles, it's done!

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