Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Installing Schnell Autosports' Lug Stud Conversion Kit

Lug bolts can make the changing of wheels a longer and slower process than it needs to be. If you're tired of having to hold your wheel up to keep it from falling when you take out your lug bolts, or if you're tired of having to hold your wheel up while simultaneously making sure the holes are aligned so you can get the lug bolts started without damaging your wheels, we have the perfect solution for you.

Schnell Autosports now carries our own lug stud conversion kit, which lets you ditch the lug bolts for high quality lug studs that makes removing and replacing your wheels fast.

Our conversion kit includes 20 conversion studs and 20 lug nuts

Converting your hubs to use lug studs is simple.

Asides from the Schnell Autosports Lug Stud Conversion kit, you will need a 5mm Allen bit socket, torque wrench (capable of reaching 85 ft lbs/115 Nm), and a high strength threadlocking compound (Loctite Red 262 or equivalent).

We suggest doing both front or both rears at the same time, to minimize the amount of waiting needed as the threadlocking compound sets.

After raising and securing the side you plan on working on, remove the lug bolts and wheels. After lug bolts and wheels are removed, inspect the lug holes to make sure they are undamaged, dry, and clean (as in free of debris or grease, or any other condition that may prevent the threadlocking compound from forming an optimal bond).

The conversion studs have two ends; one end that is threaded from the end for about 1/2”, and the other end, which is not threaded from the end for about 1/2”. The threaded end is the side you will be applying the high strength threadlocking compound to, so make sure that the threads are clean.

For the actual installation process, we've found it's easiest (and less messy) to apply the threadlocking compound to one stud at a time right before you install it. Once you have applied the threadlocker (follow the applications for the threadlocker, but it's commonly suggested to use a single drop on the threads) screw the stud into the lug hole by hand first. It should thread in smoothly until it bottoms out on the shoulder of the stud. Once you have screwed in all 5 lug studs for the hub, go back and tighten the studs to 20 ft lbs/27 Nm, making sure that all the studs have been evenly inserted to the same depth.

Repeat the process for the other side.

Once you have installed all of the conversion studs for the front or rear (depending on which end you have chosen to work on first), allow the studs 15 minutes to partially cure (they will cure fully in ~24 hours unless specified otherwise for your particular threadlocker) before replacing the wheels.

With the threadlocker cured, you can now put the wheels back on. Our conversion kit features an unthreaded portion at the end of the studs to make it easier to guide the wheels on, as well as protect against damaged threads on installation. Once the wheels are on, you can install the lug nuts. Like with your stock bolts, make sure to tighten in a star pattern to equally distribute the force, and tighten your lug nuts to 85 ft lbs/115 Nm.

Just repeat the process for the other end of your car, and you're all done.

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