Monday, October 6, 2014

New Protection Bar For The Brand New 981 Cayman GTS!

Our 981/991 protection bar has been a popular item for owners of 991 911s and 981 Boxster/Caymans. With the introduction of the Cayman GTS for the 2015 model year, we have also produced a version of the protection bar specifically for it.

Original protection bar on top, GTS bar on bottom.
As you can see, the GTS protection bar is longer on either end by 6 inches. On the base and S models of the Boxster/Cayman, the bottom of the fascia has a slight downwards flare near either wheel well. With the GTS however, the bottom is completely flat, allowing us to lengthen the bar for additional coverage and protection.

Asides from that, installation is the same as the standard bar, and the GTS bar comes with all hardware needed to put it on.

Check out our writeup on the regular bar to see how easy it is!

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