Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Removing The Headlights From Your 981 Cayman/Boxster

We've had a few customers with 981 Boxsters/Caymans that wanted to know how to remove their headlights, whether it's for changing a blown bulb, or for the installation of paint protection film, or for any variety of reasons. The first question often asked is "how difficult is it?", and to which we simply reply "not very". It will probably take you longer to read this blog entry and look at the pictures than it would be to actually remove the headlights.

For those of you familiar with the headlight retention system work in older Porsches (from the 993 up), the 981 is no exception, and should offer you no surprises. For those that aren't familiar with them, the headlights are simply held in place via a retention bar that hooks on to tabs on the underside of the headlight.
This bar is what keeps your headlight from flying out when you brake.

The first step is to open the front trunk. On either side of the trunk, you will see two boxes containing tools. Remove those by pulling them out parallel to how they are mounted.

Behind either box will be a cover that closes the hole that allows you to access the headlight retaining bar. Open the covers (they hinge at the bottom) to expose the hole.

In one of the tool boxes that you removed, you will find the Porsche headlight removal tool, which is basically a long, thin, 5mm socket. Insert the removal tool into the hole until it seats firmly. You may have to rotate the tool one way or another to get things aligned before it will seat.

The guides on the supporting base will help you to locate and seat the tool on the bar.

Once the tool is firmly seated, you only have to rotate the tool until the retention bar release the headlight tabs, and the headlight itself pushes forward. If you are removing the driver's side headlight, rotate the tool counter-clockwise to disengage the bar, and if you are removing the passenger's side headlight, rotate the tool clockwise to disengage the bar.

With the bar disengaged and the headlight in a slightly forward position, slide the headlight forward a little more until you are able to access, and detach the headlight harness plug. With the plug detached, you can now fully remove the headlight.

When removing your headlight, take care not to damage or scratch the surrounding paint. We often suggest putting down some blue painter's tape to protect the surfaces that may come into contact with your headlight.

Installation of the headlight is simply the reverse of removal.


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