Thursday, December 11, 2014

Schnell Autosports Is Now An Authorized Dealer For Antigravity Batteries!

Every car needs to keep an emergency jump starter in the trunk.

Sure, having plain old jumper cables might seem like all you need, but they have a huge weakness: they operate on the assumption that there's going to be someone, anyone around to be able to give you a jump.

Murphy's law being what it is, you could easily find yourself in this situation:

You stayed a few extra hours at work to finish a project, long after everyone else has left. Once you're done burning that midnight oil, you head out into the parking lot towards your car, ready to just go home and relax on the couch. You press the button on your key fob to unlock your car. That's odd, the remote doesn't seem to be working. Nevermind that, you just open the door with your key, old-fashioned style. The back of your mind only faintly registers that the interior lights didn't come on when you opened the door, but you ignore it, and go to start your car to make that drive home. You turn the key, and are met with only silence. That's odd... you jiggle the steering wheel left and right to see if it's locked or not, you check that your car is in park. You turn the key to start the car. Silence. A slight wave of panic sets over you, you look around to see if something, anything is wrong. That's when you notice it: your headlight switch is in a position that isn't "off".

You left your headlights on this morning. Your car battery is dead. You aren't going anywhere.

With a quick curse under the breath, you pull the trunk release, and get out of the car to retrieve your jumper cables you keep stored in the trunk for just such occasions. Jumper cables in hand, you think to yourself "I just have to get a quick jump, and I'll be on my way...".

You scan the parking lot, looking for someone to aid you. Like your attempts at starting your car, you're met with only nothing. Slowly turning in a circle, your gaze only falls upon a sea of asphalt. You realize that because you stayed late, your coworkers have left already. You are alone, lit only by the dim lights of the parking lot, the cacophony of silence only being pierced by the sound of your voice, thinking, cursing out loud at your forgetfulness.

Time to pull out your cell phone, and call someone to help you out. Hopefully it's not too late for someone to swing by and give you a jump...

Self-reliance. The ability to take care of yourself without having to depend on others. For situations like the one above, you don't want to wait and hope that someone can help you out.

Jump-starter packs have traditionally been heavy, cumbersome affairs. While handy to have if you had a dead battery, they were often neglected and left to discharge until they themselves suffered from dead batteries, because moving them in and out of the car to charge.

Battery technology however, has come a long way. Lithium-Ion batteries have now progressed to the point where they can easily put out the same amount of power as traditional wet cell batteries (like those found in the old jump-starter packs), but at a significantly smaller size and weight.

Antigravity Batteries found that the compact lithium-ion batteries they were already making for Powersports and Motorsports applications could easily be adapted for use as a pocketable, lightweight vehicle jump starter.

So, they came up with the Micro-Start line of lithium jump starters, ranging in sizes as small as a smart phone that can jump start a V6 truck, to ones that have enough power to jump start a diesel truck and still only weigh 18 ounces.

Check out these comparison pics between a "small" traditional jump starter pack, and the Micro-Start XP-10, which is currently Antigravity's largest model.

Both jump starter packs put out the same amount of power (300A with a peak of 600A), but the XP-10 is significantly smaller and lighter.

The Micro-Start series, in addition to being able to provide enough power to jump start a car, also is fantastic for just keeping on you as a USB battery pack. We actually use ours often to recharge phones when no outlets are available, or to keep our GoPro batteries full (or power the GoPros directly) when at track events. The size makes them incredibly convenient.

The Micro-Starts come with a variety of accessories: asides from the clamps for jumping cars, it also comes with a 12v charger so you can recharge your Micro-Start in the car while you drive, as well as cables and adapter tips to recharge various USB devices or even laptops (with the larger Micro-Start models).

Check out Antigravity Batteries' Micro-Start Jump Starter kits on our site!


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