Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New! Adjustable Rear Sway Bars For Your 981 Cayman/Boxster!

For many 981 Boxster and Cayman owners with PASM suspension, a popular upgrade to make, is going from the stock hollow rear sway bar, to the solid rear sway bar as found on the X73 suspension package.

In fact, our 2014 Cayman S was running the X73 rear sway bar, and we even made a blog post before showing how easy it was to install.

Well, some time has passed, and our Cayman has seen a bit more suspension modification since then.

For others out there like us, who are running GT3 control arms, and a GT3 front sway bar, as well as aftermarket adjustable suspension on all four corners, you might find that the X73, while being a great mod for stock to moderately tuned cars, may suddenly become the weakest link in your suspension set.

This is where our new adjustable rear sway bar enters the picture.

Want to have your rear sway bar perform similar to stock? No problem. Want it harder than stock for when you're attacking the twisties and trying to get the most out of your car? It's got you covered. Now you have the ability to set your rear sway bar to where you want it, to match your driving style and needs.

The rear adjustable sway bar come with new bushings (the bar itself has a larger diameter than stock), as well as clamping shaft collars to prevent lateral movement (there have been some instances where the welded rings on the stock bars have broken during hard cornering).

Our old X73 rear bar on top, with the new adjustable rear bar on the bottom.

And installation is just as easy as the X73 installation; 4 bolts, 2 nuts. You can also use this bar with your stock drop links, or with adjustable rear drop links to really get things dialed in.

Check out our new adjustable rear sway bar on our site!

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