Thursday, January 15, 2015

Schnell Autosports Weekly Sale - 1/12-1/18

Pagid Brake Pad Package - RS 29 Yellow Front Pad Set, RS 14 Black Rear Pad Set

Looking to get a set of brake pads to use for aggressive street driving or occasional track days?

We've got the popular combination of Pagid RS 29 front pads and RS 14 rear pads together as a package set for sale this week!

RS 29 (front)

RS 14 (rear)

Here's what Pagid has to say about these pads:

RS 29
Combines the outstanding wear rate of the RS19 with a slightly higher initial bite and torque.
RS 14
Medium to high friction ceramic type compound with good initial bite, excellent release characteristic, very good modulation and controllability.

Pagid Brake Pad Package Sale Price: $625

These sales are phone order only, and not listed on our website. If you are interested, please call us toll-free at

Sales prices do not include shipping or tax.

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