Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Installing The New Schnell Autosports Exclusive 981/991 Brake Master Cylinder Brace!

We're excited to show off our latest product that we have in production, our brake master cylinder brace!

If you have a 981 or 991, your braking performance isn't the best it could be.

Under heavy braking, your firewall will actually flex from the pressure, which allows your brake master cylinder to move. As with brake lines, any unwanted movement in your braking system means that you're reducing brake pedal feel and responsiveness, because the force that's being used to flex the master cylinder, is force that's not going to your calipers.

You can see this movement for yourself in this quick video we made:

Our master cylinder brace is designed to remove the majority of that deflection, by bracing the master cylinder to another point on the car (in this case, the wall that separates the front luggage area from the rest of the front trunk area). With that deflection removed, you'll be able to brake harder, and improve your pedal feel.