Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Schnell Autosports Quick Tip - GTS Rear Diffusers, GT4 Rear Diffusers, And You

For those of you wanting to give the rear end of your 981 non GTS/GT4 Boxster or Cayman, changing the rear diffuser is a simple mod that gives great results.

Our GTS rear diffuser can be found here, and our GT4 rear diffuser can be found here.

The GTS rear diffuser gives our 981 Cayman S a little more visual oomph in the back.
We've had a few questions however, from customers wondering why they wouldn't be able to use the GT4 diffusers on their car that came equipped with parking sensors.

Simply put, the parking sensors that are equipped on many Porsches require that when they are mounted, they are pointed outwards and parallel to the ground. The stock, as well as the GTS rear diffusers, have a flat area in which the sensors can be installed into and maintain functionality; the GT4 diffusers however, lack a flat surface, and do not have enough space to DIY mount the sensors cleanly.

When you compare the two diffusers side by side, it should be easier to see why the sensors work on one type, and not the other:

GTS on left, GT4 on right. The holes in the GTS diffuser are where the sensors install into.

The mostly open design of the GT4 diffuser means there is very little available space to work with.

The GT4 rear diffuser even lacks the clips needed to keep the sensor in place.