Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Schnell Autosports Now Carries DSC Sport Controllers!

Schnell Autosports now carries the DSC Sport V1, V2, and Stand Alone suspension control modules!

If you have a 996, 997, 987, 991, or 981, with PASM (Porsche's electronic suspension dampening controls), you may feel that it doesn't respond as well or as quickly as it should to varying road conditions or situations.

Fortunately for you, DSC Sport makes simple plug and play controller modules for your car that allows you to make significant changes to your PASM system to allow for improved feedback and responsiveness. DSC's race-developed algorithm allows for it to adjust the damping level for each individual shock in real time. What does this mean for you? It means that when you drive, your tires will grip better, your ride will be easier to control and more stable, and even makes your ride more comfortable, no matter what the road condition is, or how you're driving.

On top of that, the DSC Sport allows drivers to use the DSC Sport Tuning software to create their own suspension tuning maps, to give you a truly custom suspension feel to tailor to your driving styles and locations.

What if your car didn't come equipped with PASM? DSC Sport has you covered there!

With the DSC Sport Stand Alone Kit and electronic dampers, you can have the same type of control over your car's suspension that you get with the V1 module. The Stand Alone Kit includes a Stand Alone DSC Module, as well as a wiring harness to connect the DSC Module to your electronic dampers.


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